Spanish in Mexico


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Our staff at VIA has over 15 years of experience delivering high quality teaching services in several countries around the world with a successful record.

This translates into a unique type of know-how that ensures both a deep understanding of the needs of our students and the best way to fulfill them.

Thanks to our rather unique position within Puerto Vallarta we understand that our students of Spanish language range from those who just want to have a more comfortable experience while perusing the tropical wonders of Bahia de Banderas and therefore appreciate the practicalities of speaking some Spanish, to those who repeat their visit to Mexico regularly or even live here for long spells during year in and year out and wish to not only handle generic situations but to actually make Spanish speaking friends, travel more extensively or conduct business in Mexico and / or other Spanish speaking countries.

The Spanish courses at VIA aim to help those students who intend to travel or spend some time in any of the 23 Spanish speaking countries. We pride ourselves to offer a learning experience that in addition to all the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation invites students to learn about the colors, tastes and immense variety of the Spanish culture with special attention to Mexican’s traditions, history, cuisine and literature.

Flexibility and realism are key to VIA’s educational mission. Therefore, we offer several options that students can use to tailor the curse to their specific needs, budgets and expectations. Depending on students’ preferences we offer a course divided into three levels of difficulty, each one of them divided into different schedules for students’ convenience.